Ace Asphalt is deeply committed to protecting our natural environment, and we are constantly searching for opportunities to reduce waste, minimize CO2 emissions, and to conserve and reuse energy wherever and whenever possible.
  • Our respect for the environment led us to incorporate recycled asphalt, or RAP, in our mixes several years ago.
  • We have steadily increased recycled materials in our high quality mixes that keep customers satisfied and coming back.
  • Ace Asphalt utilizes slag, a recycled steel mill co-product, in our mixes to produce high stability, skid-resistant pavements.
  • Adding to our reputation as an environmental leader, Ace delivers ultra-thin pavement, a cost-effective solution that extends the life of existing roads.
  • Ace Asphalt’s environmental stewardship extends to the operation of newer, more energy-efficient heavy machinery and the use of a soy release agent for the cleaning of our equipment.
  • We have focused on energy conservation at our plants through the use of alternative fuels, temperature monitoring, and increased preventive maintenance.
Ace Asphalt is dedicated to providing you with effective and continuous solutions that enhance the world around us.