Hot-Mix Asphalt

Ace Asphalt has the capacity to produce over five million tons of hot-mix asphalt each year. We apply our recycling technology and conservation philosophy to produce an array of energy-efficient mix designs. These designs, which have been created to offer a product of superior durability and environmental protection, continue to make Ace Asphalt the hot-mix supplier of choice for public and private customers.

Our hot-mix asphalt offerings include:
  • Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP), used as an asphalt mix component
  • Energy conserving mix designs utilizing blast furnace and steel furnace slag aggregates to produce high-stability, skid-resistant pavements
  • Polymer-modified asphalt paving mixes for a tougher, stronger, more flexible asphalt
  • Specialized paving mixes: MDOT Superpave, high-stress, porous, racetrack, ultrathin, rubber modified, and performance warranty

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