Recent Safety Awards

2011 Liv Levy Safety Award

The Liv Levy Safety Award is an annual award given to one of the Levy Group of Companies with the best safety performance over a twelve month timeframe. Each Levy company's performance is measured against the following criteria in the areas of total recordable and lost-time incidents:

  • Total Recordable Incident Rate vs. the Industry National Average
  • Lost Time Incident Rate (measuring how fast lost time incidents are occurring)
  • Severity Rate (measuring the lost time incident severity in lost days)
  • Number of days since last lost-time incident (measuring how long the performance is sustained)
The Michigan paving companies of Ace Asphalt & Paving and Saginaw Asphalt Paving were recognized as the Levy Group of Companies organizational leader in safety and health. Ace Asphalt & Paving Company and Saginaw Asphalt Paving Company experienced zero recordable incidents to win the award.